Émélie Marchand Payette is the one who initiated the project of this picturesque and peaceful domain. In 1934, she bought a first land by the lake Pierre, in her native region. After the construction of a first cottage that she rented immediately, she carried on, becoming the owner of a dozen cottages, all of them located by the lake and taking advantage of an exceptionnal beach. Dignity, courage, resourcefulness and economy are the secret of this surprising success.

At the time of her decease, she had sold five of these cottages; she left eight to her six children. Her daughter Blanche, with her husband Paul LeBeau, bought five of them, and then three more located nearby, naming the new domain « Les Chalets d’Émélie ». As the task had become heavy, their six children took charge of it, transforming the former cottages into four-season cottages. In memory of his grandmother, conscious of continuing the work of two generations and avid to conserve the rustic character of this domain, Louis yves LeBeau keeps the name « Chalets d’Émélie » for the cottages he then runs himself. Written by Blanche Payette LeBEAU. Traduced by Gabrielle LeBEAU.