The best of gastronomy in Lanaudiere!

Nearby the Chalets d’Émélie…

La Maison Staner Artisanal Belgian butcher well implanted in the heart of the village of Saint-Alphonse-Rodriguez for 35 years. Besides its boudins, blood sausages and quality fresh meat, the butcher Staner offers you a wide variety of ready-to-eat classic meals, made from calf, ostrich, Buffalo, duck, deer, pheasant, wild boar, etc. Staner is also the place thats provides a great selection of cheeses, from Quebec and imported, as well as home-made breads, pies and pastries.  On your way to a pic-nic, pick up salads, salchichon, and Belgian beverages… For sure, the Maison Staner will impress you during your stay at the Chalets d’Emelie, and you’ll probably make a last shopping there before leaving!

Le Cheval Bleu Charming Belgian restaurant whose menu varies depending on the season and the hostess fantasy. Though, this restaurant’s featured dishes remain the mussels, the products of the Buffalo, the blood sausage and the white boudin, the beef or red deer bavette, and, naturally, the famous Belgian fries prepared just as in Brussels!

Le Resto Pizzeria This Italian bistro owes its popularity to its pizzas, which are cooked, according to Italian tradition, in a wood stove. Also on the menu: antipasti, pastas, squids, veal, salads, etc. In winter, the smell of dough and the heat escaping from the stove will comfort you. During warm evenings of summer, you will appreciate the terrace. Bring your wine.

Few halts on an adventurous ride…

Fumoir St-Damien Those specialists in artisanal maple wood hot smoked products will bring you back to the good old days with their fishesnand meats: jerky, bacon, smoked-meat, smoked trout pâté, smoked rosemary duck breast, smoked salmon, smoked marinated ribs, bison and red deer pepperettes, as well as several varieties of sausages. Picnic area. 6740, chemin Montauban, Saint-Damien.

Fromagerie du Champ à la Meule Meet the owners, question them and try their cheeses for free, among them their famous Victor & Berthold, Le Fêtard, Les Métayères and many other surprises. Well-known fine cheeses made from Lanaudiere’s cow milk.

La Maison du Pain d’épices Young and not so young gourmands, have a bite in this café immerged in irresistible smells. Its interpretation center tells you the surprising journey of the gingerbread through the years. Throughout their visit, children will discover activities such as reading games and cookie decoration. 2181, route Louis-Cyr, Saint-Jean-de-Matha.