The best of gastronomy in the heart of Lanaudiere and all the services you’re used to… on-site and just a few minutes from the Chalets d’Emelie!

Le Cheval Bleu

Charming Belgian restaurant whose menu varies depending on the season and the hostess fantasy. Though, this restaurant’s featured dishes remain the mussels, the products of the Buffalo, the blood sausage and the white boudin, the beef or red deer bavette, and, naturally, the famous Belgian fries prepared just as in Brussels!

Boucherie Staner

Artisanal Belgian butcher well implanted in the heart of the village of Saint-Alphonse-Rodriguez for 35 years. Besides its boudins, blood sausages and quality fresh meat, the butcher Staner offers you a wide variety of ready-to-eat classic meals, made from calf, ostrich, Buffalo, duck, deer, pheasant, wild boar, etc. Staner is also the place thats provides a great selection of cheeses, from Quebec and imported, as well as home-made breads, pies and pastries.  On your way to a pic-nic, pick up salads, salchichon, and Belgian beverages… For sure, the Maison Staner will impress you during your stay at the Chalets d’Emelie, and you’ll probably make a last shopping there before leaving!

Grocery Métro

The grocery Metro in St-Alphonse-Rodriguez offers you quality and fresh products. You’ll be surprised by the diversity of cheeses, meats and fine products provided in this grocery store that offers you the same selection as in the city! No need for planning or making provisions for your stay at the Chalets d’Emelie : the grocery Metro is 5 minutes driving from your cottage for rent!


An impressive wine selection is located nearby the Chalets d’Emelie. At the entrance of the village, the SAQ section offers wines for all tastes. What’s better than a good wine  for a romantic supper or a meal shared with your family? You might also like to enjoy a good port by a the fireplace…

Pharmacie Proxim

As well located at the entrance of the village, less than 5 minutes driving from the Chalets d’Emelie, the pharmacy Proxim offers you the same servicesas your usual pharmacy. Forgotten prescription?  You’ll be able to get it here without any trouble. Need an advice from a pharamacist? An attentive staff will treat your demand.

Automated teller machine Desjardins

Without having to make any detour, the Caisse Populaire Desjardins, located at the entrance of the village, allows you to make transactions you are used to, at any time.

On-site at the Chalets d’Emelie

High speed Internet

While enjoying the coziness of you cottage, you’ll benefit from an high speed internet, just as at home!