Our instructions

1.0 Good relations to a better neighborhood

1.1 The noise should be limited at all times and no noise is allowed between 22 pm and 7 am

1.2 Alcohol consumption (in moderation) by the tenant (s) (s) is permitted within the cottage. The drug is clearly prohibited in the area.

1.3 No pets are allowed on the field if they are on a leash and they are silent, they are not, however, welcome to the beach.

1.4 only are allowed on the field tenants, accompanying persons and guests, as stated when booking. The tenant is responsible for the conduct and regulatory compliance in the field. The owner reserves the right to restrict access to any other person.

2.0 Preserving the environment and the safety of all

2.1 Tenants and their guests must behave respectfully towards the environment to preserve the flora, fauna and ecosystems, particularly, do not pick mushrooms, plants, flowers and aquatic plants are not damaged or cut trees , shrubs, plants, flowers and aquatic plants do not trap or hunt wild animals.

2.2 Tenants are responsible for the cleanliness of the cottage and the adjacent land.

2.3 Any personal laundry and bathroom are strictly prohibited in the lake.

2.4 sanitary napkins, tampons, as well as applicators should never be flushed down the toilet or in the lake.

2.5 A law prohibits open fires other than in places designed for the purpose. Before lighting a fire, you must have obtained a permit by calling (450) 757-5894 (evenings and weekends) or (450) 883-2264 (weekdays). Any fire must be completely extinguished before leaving.

2.6 The use of weapons is strictly prohibited on the site.

2.7 The water chalets are clean and can be consumed at any time.

3.0 Motor vehicles, traffic and parking

3.1 The speed limit for all vehicles in the area is 10 km / h.

3.2 The use of recreational vehicles on the field is only allowed to access the marked trails, and users must limit their speed to 10 km / h on the field.

3.3 All motorized vehicles must be parked in the parking areas. It is strictly prohibited to park a motor vehicle on the grass.

3.4. The beach can not, under any circumstances, be used for the launching of motor vehicles.

4.0 To enjoy the private beach area

4.1 On the beach, only the use of players is tolerated.

4.2 It is forbidden to bring glass containers and metal on the beach.

4.3 All objects, even personal, must be returned to the cabin every night.

5.0 The chalets

5.1 The TV is connected with the Bell ExpressVu system. The selection of items is done via the ExpressVu receiver, placing the TV station 3.

5.2 In all seasons, exterior doors must remain closed at all times (to prevent wild animals from entering).

5.3 At showers, windows exposed to the wind and rain must be closed.

5.4 In winter, the windows must remain closed at all times.

5.5 The home must be used with caution, avoiding overloading the hearth. Stay alert at all times. The fire door must be closed when you leave the room.

5.6 The barbecue must be used safely and should not be left unattended. After each use, the cylinder valve must be closed.

5.7 No towels bedding should only be used outdoors.

5.8 Close the fireplace door and the opening of the fireplace key. Check that all electrical appliances are turned off and in the winter, turn the thermostat to 7.5 oC, and empty the refrigerator.

5.9 Make sure you have closed and locked doors and windows before finally leaving the premises, and turn the key to the 521, Lake Peter North.

6.0 Payment Policy and Cancellation

6.1 A deposit equivalent to half of the total rental amount must be paid to confirm the booking of the chalet. The second installment shall be paid up to fourteen (14) days prior to arrival at the cottage. If payment has not been received, the reservation may be canceled without refund of the deposit.

6.2 To be partially reimbursed, cancellations must be made at least eight (8) weeks before the date of entry. An administration fee of 10% of the rental amount will be charged, however.

7.0 Miscellaneous

7.1 Non-compliance with regulations will result in immediate warning.

7.2 The Owner reserves the right to remove without compensation tenants who refuse to comply with the regulations in the field.

7.3 The owner of the domain Chalets d’Emelie assumes no responsibility for any damage and / or physical arising from the use of trails Aux 4 Sommets.

Update on the 1rst november 2021.